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Sweet Puppy


From: Kristen Hahn

Good morning Maria. We just wanted to say one more time thank you for letting your sweet boy now be part of our family.

He is truly so perfect. Probably 95% potty trained already, sleeps through the entire night with no accidents.ย  Does so well with kennel training. So playful. The absolute greatest personality and sweet with everybody.ย  We can’t thank you enough.


Baby Pope




Maria is such a kind, warm and loving perosn to her animals and her family. She helped us get our beautiful baby, Pope. She sent us videos and pictures and kept us updated all the time. Maria is one of a kind lover of animals.


Luna The Service Pup

It all started with a dream of Joshua. He said our dog that passed away had a white puppy for him and everything would be ok. He was having a hard time with his PTSD, Autism Anxiety and ADHD since she passed. So, I started to look for this white dog? I showed many and never got it? I never knew Goldens were white? I mean โ€œ Goldenโ€ lol I final found a pic of a English cream and that was it! I had never seen one before. He lit up and the quest was on. I found you and you helped me understand the breed , how to take care of them , what I need everything. You were patient as I try to raise money for her. Even helping yourself. My son already had a name of Bella Luna since he said Jesus told him to name her that. I knew I had to do this. We had a prescription for a service dog in our hand , a beautiful breeder willing to work and wait with us! Life was great?
You stepped up when we thought all was lost and helped us bring home what is now his federally registered service dog in training……. Getting used to the Autism crazy that is our home.
We look forward to years of growth , training and love.
This all takes time, and I am glad Maria took time to believe in us.

Sweet Penny

Sweet Penny

We are so thankful! Thank you for everything.

Our sweet Penny is doing wonderful. The kids just love her and now I am getting some snuggle time ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

April Jurinek

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