About Us

Our program is located in Concho, Arizona. We live on almost forty acres of land in which all of our goldens were happily raised. 

We find absolute joy in breeding Golden Retrievers. We try are our best to give pups the best health and demeanor. 

Many years we have raised English Creme Golden Retrievers. The last few years we have added Dark American Golden Retrievers to our program.

Please contact us with any questions on how we can serve you, especially by finding a lifelong Arizona Golden Retriever companion. For the past three generations Goldens have been apart of our lives and hope that we can also help you find your perfect forever pet!

We strive to let you know all about our Arizona Golden Retrievers. You can search for our dogs at K9DATA.COM. Finding our dogs can be made easier by visiting Our Dogs and clicking on their indvidual links.

The Process

The process to purchase one or our amazing pups is to contact us! You can do this by either submitting a form in the “Contact Us” link above, or by our Facebook page. Afterwards, we will reach out with information on what puppies we have available and their rehoming fee. Things to note, there is absolutely no pressure to commit to one of our puppies in the beginning, but if you would like us to secure a puppy for you, we will require a non-refundable deposit. Which will be sent after you read and agree to our “Puppy Agreement” (which entails important informations like vet visits, common parasites in AZ, vaccinations, etc). 

Happy as Heck

Happy as heck thanks to Maria Bills! Our puppy is doing great and Maria was awesome in answering questions and accomodating us! Mike

Healthy Cody

      Cody at 6 months. Such a good and healthy boy Debbie

Baby Pope

      Maria is such a kind, warm and loving perosn to her animals and her family. She helped us get our beautiful baby, Pope. She sent us videos and pictures and kept us updated all the time. Maria is one of a kind lover of animals. Joslyn

Luna The Service Pup

It all started with a dream of Joshua. He said our dog that passed away had a white puppy for him and everything would be ok. He was having a hard time with his PTSD, Autism Anxiety and ADHD since she passed. So, I started to look for this white dog? I showed many and...

Sweet Penny

We are so thankful! Thank you for everything.Our sweet Penny is doing wonderful. The kids just love her and now I am getting some snuggle time 💜💜💜 April Jurinek

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